M1-161609G plastic waterproof battery box for BEECAM ecosystem in agriculture

Saturday, 07 July 2018

Creative agriculture originated in the late1990 s, with the innovative development of agricultural technology and theexpansion of agricultural functions, sightseeing agriculture, leisureagriculture, exquisite agriculture andecological agriculture hav…

Creative agriculture originated in the late 1990 s, with the innovative development of agricultural technology and the expansion of agricultural functions, sightseeing agriculture, leisure agriculture,  exquisite agriculture and ecological agriculture have been successively developed, meanwhile the concept of creative agriculture has been introduced in the UK, Australia and other countries and regions and is spreading quickly in the world.

As the world's second largest exporter of agricultural food, the creative agriculture in France is green ecological based creative agriculture, which focus on field crops, take large-scale specialized farm production , gradually reduce the small farm.The new agriculture help to break the old self-sufficient producing pattern, and highlight the ecological function of agriculture, make use of agriculture to separate polluted areas such as highways, factories with residents, so as to create a quiet and clean living environment.After years of development, it can cover several fields, mainly planting, fishery, animal husbandry and agricultural product processing. Electronic equipment and modern science and technology are important means to realize agricultural modernization effectively.

Our French client specializes in electronic equipment design. In cooperation with the French local professional Technical Centre for Fruit and Vegetables, a new product is developed for calculating and analysis in the agricultural field, namely the BEECAM ecosystem,which is composed of camera and special analysis software and used to identify insect population density in specific area (field, greenhouse...). The system is available to be set up via Internet browsers on smart-phones, tablets and PCS. Farmers can learn about basic agricultural information online without leaving their homes. Suitable for agriculture with fruits, vegetables and flowers,   agronomy, winery, etc.

Our plastic waterproof battery box M1-161609G can provide the IP65 waterproof protection for the outer enclosure, effectively protect the internal solar battery arrays. By hole drilling, we are able to connect the external solar panels, solar charger with the inner battery arrays as a power supply to maintain the working of the camera. In outdoor conditions, the information related to the biological characteristics of animal population was extracted semi-automatically by image analysis software.

For the Frenches, their agriculture can not only be an farm, but also a urban landscape, a place for citizens to exercise and relax,an education base for teenagers. Therefore, for the sake of beauty and harmony of the surrounding environment, we can customize the plastic waterproof battery box with different colors.

Our plastic waterproof battery box is made of ABS, with service life  about 8-10 years ans no peculiar smell. We own certifications like CE, RoHS and so on. Because of its photo-degradation, it will not cause white pollution.At the same time, less leak of all kinds of harmful gas, it is relatively environmental protection material.Meet the requirement environmental protection in agriculture in France.