M1-261809G waterproof and dustproof junction enclosure in water quality monitoring system

Friday, 15 June 2018

Mohammedanism is regarded as the national religion in Egypt, it’s said that pig is unclean and disgusting. Due to Egypt's unique geographical advantages, Nile river, various lakes and large lagoons along the coastline, aquatic products have become Egypt's specialty food, and part of Egyptians’ daily food. Fishery has become an important part of Egypt's economy. Like most countries in the world, Egypt is under pressure of increasing population and dramatic natural resources reducing. Egyptians are trying to increase the supply of domestic fish through aquaculture.

Aquaculture requires high water quality and is susceptible to water pollution and other factors.Almost all of the water resources depend on the Nile River in Egypt, but Egypt has experienced rapid urbanization and industrialization in the past few decades, the Nile River is increasingly influenced by untreated industrial and living sewage.Therefore, it is important for aquaculture to be able to measure pollution effects in time.

Our Egyptian customer developed a water quality measurement and monitoring system for aquaculture farms, which could measure and record the parameters affecting water condition, send the information and the coordination to the monitoring and controlling center, and transmit the data to the farmers informing them real-time water quality  so that they can find solutions to emergency situation, so as to avoid any loss with dead fish.This system is suitable for all kinds of fisheries and ponds.

The monitoring system uses our waterproof and dustproof junction enclosure M1-261809G, 263*182*95mm.It fits all kinds of external frames and is easy to install.

    Our plastic junction enclosure is normally with waterproof performance IP65, effectively protecting internal electrical elements from water vapor and dust. It can reach IP66 through machine sealing and foaming technology. The sealing would expand in hot and shrink in cold, under temperature -20~100℃. So the aquaculture water quality monitoring system, based on our waterproof and dustproof enclosure, can be used in a variety of fisheries and ponds not affected by location.

We could drill holes on our waterproof and dustproof enclosure according to customers’ requirements.So it would be easily accessible to all kinds of wire, even could be connected to solar panels to provide power supply. Inside the plastic junction enclosure, there is mounting stud for fixing the related electrical elements. Meanwhile, we could customize the Logo on the enclosure, such as multi-color printing, monochrome laser printing, labeling, etc.