M3-202009G plastic electrical control box for solar street lights

Saturday, 04 August 2018

In the 21stcentury, social economy and science and technology is developing rapidly, butat the same time, we also face problem like severe shortage of resources.Therefore, scientists are committed to the development of new energy. Solarenergy is regar…

In the 21st century, social economy and science and technology is developing rapidly, but at the same time, we also face problem like severe shortage of resources. Therefore, scientists are committed to the development of new energy. Solar energy is regarded as the most important new energy in the 21st century. Water heaters, electric motors, street lights and so on, powered by solar energy, are widely used.

In today's rural construction, solar street lights gradually replace traditional street lights. Solar street lights are energy-saving street lights that replaces traditional utility lighting, which is powered by crystalline silicon solar cells and is controlled by intelligent charging and discharging controllers, that electrical energy is stored by maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries (colloidal batteries) , and that LED lights are used as light sources.

Solar street lights do not need to lay cables, not need AC power supply, and even not generate electricity charges. Solar street lights help to save a lot of manpower and energy. Solar street lighting adopts DC power supply and photosensitive control with plenty advantages, such as good stability, long-time service, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving, environmental protection, economy and practicality. It be widely used in urban main, secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

    The working principle: During the daytime, the solar panel is irradiated by sunlight, absorbs the solar light and converts it into electric energy. In the daytime, the solar cell module charges the battery pack, and at night, the battery pack supplies power to the LED light source for lighting. Through the self-control and time-controlled switch device of intelligent controller, the light could be automatically turned on and off and the brightness can be adjusted according to the brightness of the sky within the day.

    Our plastic electrical control box M3-202009G can protect the controller from rain and dust, so as to prevent the electrical components inside from being short-circuited due to rain, dust and other factors, thus affecting the use.

    M3 series plastic electrical control box is injected glue by CNC machine, and naturally foamed, The waterproof performance perfectly reaches IP67, when the control box is fixed, it could be used outside for long time regardless of the weather.

    M3-202009G plastic electrical control box, size 200*200*95mm, is equipped with mounting studs and can be fitted with a matched mounting base to meet a variety of needs. a variety of sizes available according to the requirements of internal battery packs, controllers, etc. We could recommend the appropriate box to help customers improve the program.

M3-202009G plastic electrical control box is made of pure ABS raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless, and green environmentally friendly. The common molded products are gray, other colors customizable. PC materials is available with flame retardant function, UV protection, high temperature resistance, etc.